heal your mind and body

Escape from the physical, mental and emotional demands of life and allow
yourself to be transported to another realm, Amber Spa

A sanctuary of locally-inspired restoring treatments

Bringing local expertise to life, our spa treatments rely on the comforting qualities of fresh local traditional herbs and plants used to heal for generations, for a quintessential way of relaxing. Together with the caring touch of the local therapists, experience the best of active pure ingredients. Exotic botanical recipes represent the purest and most potent ingredients, combining the richness of Asia’s healing traditions.

Experience first-hand the unique sensation of returning “home”, relaxed in mind, body and soul.

Location: 3rd floor
Operating Hours: 10.00 AM – 10.00 PM



Applicable this February and March!


treatment room & relax lounge

6 single treatment rooms (18-19m²)
3 double treatment rooms (45 – 50m²)
Indoor relax lounge (55m²)
All treatment rooms offer a private and natural-inspired ambiance for you to truly unwind. Each double treatment rooms have a bathing tub and shower room, where you can indulge in hot water, bath salt, or soap bubbles before your massage. Elevate your restoration escape by booking the VVIP double treatment room with a view over the garden to enjoy the perfect romantic atmosphere with your other half.

nail lounge

The nail lounge is filled with natural sunlight and green plants, providing an extraordinary relaxing and luxury vibe for you to enjoy while waiting for your nails to be done. Manicure-pedicure chairs with massage functions are installed for your best nail salon experience in town!


Dry and steam sauna rooms are available in both male and female changing rooms. Make the most out of your massage treatment by warming up your body, softening your muscles, and stimulating blood flow for a longer-lasting massage effect.


Jacuzzi tubs are available in both male and female changing rooms. Hop in the jacuzzi to give your body a head start in releasing toxins before your treatment commences.

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